Continuity and Fluidity: A Pedagogy of Access 2.0

I know this site has not seen much activity in recent months, but should anyone happen to stumble upon it, let it be known that progress and updates are forthcoming. Because I remain committed to Universal Design for Learning and all the reflexivity that entails, I am going to continue revising and revamping this resource as I improve as a scholar, as an instructor of composition, and as a human being.

Throughout the coming months in particular, I intend to rearticulate my position in the university–as I am now a graduate fellow in a large English PhD program–and rethink through the sources I include here and the manner in which I present them, foregrounding access throughout the endeavor. This, then, will be a deeply rhetorical enterprise, one aimed at better situating myself in my field (of Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies) and at helping us all best serve our writing students and utilize and respect the diverse experiences and personalities they bring to our classrooms. My goal, ultimately, is to serve others, though I expect to learn a thing or two about myself and my teaching along the way.

In other words: stay tuned.