In The Classroom

As equally important as the courses we design, the syllabi we write, and the dialogues we instigate with our students is the physical space in which teaching and learning occur. While we often have little choice regarding the rooms in which we will be teaching, and we certainly cannot redesign entire buildings, UDL offers the framework for assessing the spaces that are available to us.

Assessing the Classroom Space via Stephanie Kerschbaum and Composing Access (subtitles available):

Ideally, the architects of future campus buildings will take UDL to heart and help us create better, truly accessible classrooms. Until then, we can use these thoughts to introduce as many means of access and engagement as possible given the locations allotted. It may even be helpful to consider potential avenues for online participation.


Composing Access

  • This site was designed for the particular environment of the academic conference, but many of these practices should be equally considered regarding the physical space of the writing classroom.

Accessible Classrooms

  • This website is specifically geared toward creating accessible classroom spaces. The authors provide tutorials and resources on using technology that facilitates captioning, lecturing, evaluation, and other means for establishing accessibility in the composition classroom.

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