This reflection will be ongoing, as I hope to return to this project in the future, particularly as I gain teaching experience and further develop my pedagogical theories.

As I’m nearing the completion of this project (for the time being), I am realizing that implementing Universal Design for Learning strategies in the composition classroom is both more difficult than I had anticipated and potentially immensely rewarding. As I conducted the research necessary to compose this website, I encountered insightful, articulate scholarship that detailed the many ways in which we can enrich our writing classes from the onset–and yet I also encountered work that reminds us of the barriers between disabled students and the education they need and deserve. These barriers can be institutional, attitude-based, or the result of ignorance, and disability studies scholars have a lot of ground to cover if they wish to surmount them.

Though my work here remains incomplete–because as a student and scholar I am always learning–I think there is much that is good in what I have accomplished. I now have a clear sense of how I will develop my own composition classes, using UDL as an important framework for doing so. Additionally, I suspect that new teachers or TAs can benefit from my ideas and resources, and this, after all, is the ultimate goal of writing and the mark of true and successful scholarship.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

-Liz Miller

2 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Great website Liz. You are going to make a great FYC teacher! I can’t wait to see how your pedagogy develops over time. Your classroom website looks very accessible to ALL students. Good job!


  2. I really agree that this can be SUCH a valuable resource. I hope you will share it widely with folks in the program at UMSL and beyond. I’d also love permission to share it with colleagues/future students?! 🙂


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