Note on the Texts

In my research, I have endeavored to consider a variety of texts somehow related to my interests in Universal Design for Learning. Some of the pieces I include here are practical in nature, intended to provide readers with a sense of how UDL can tangibly operate in the composition classroom. Others, more theoretical or philosophical, call into question our notions of disability, education, and personhood, and help establish a firm base in which to ground our pedagogies.

This bibliography establishes a crossroads between disability studies, feminist theorizing, philosophy, and educational practice, often presenting the voices of academics well-versed in the rhetoric of disability in and around the classroom either through personal experience with their own disabilities or with those of friends, family, or students. More specific resources can be found throughout the website.

Unfortunately, many intellectual sources are presented in alphabetic text in the traditional exclusive location of the academic journal; I have attempted to include more accessible (financially and otherwise) options and multimodal materials where possible. However, it remains the nature of academia that certain modalities and media are privileged above others. That being said, I have presented the sources in order of accessibility, though we cannot dismiss conventional academic texts outright, as much of the significant scholarship is often produced within the walls of academe.

One thought on “Note on the Texts

  1. I like your explanation of various struggles with access here. Thanks for sharing those insights. (And thank for contributing to widening access through your work with this annotated bib!)


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